Expropriation and Appraisement

Expropriation and appraisement processes usually arise when government authorities demand to take over private property for the purpose of building infrastructure. Expropriation and appraisement is a complex area of law where challenging issues often arise, and the processes can often be highly stressful for those who are affected.

We assist commercial and private landowners in all types of appraisement and expropriation cases. Our lawyers have expertise and extensive experience with advisory services, negotiations and dispute resolution, and they regularly litigate before the courts of law.

Brækhus has assisted landowners in Norway’s largest expropriation processes. Examples include the construction of a new airport at Gardermoen, the expansion of Dovrebanen railway and the E6 highway to Hamar, the expansion of the Follobanen railway, and the majority of landowners impacted by the construction of a new E18 highway between Lysaker and Ramstadsletta in Bærum municipality.

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Responsiveness, friendly and effective towards clients.

Thorough in their considerations. Good legal analysis. Capable in understanding their client’s needs and commercial interests.

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Examples of what we do

  • Assessments and investigations during the initial phase of the process
  • Advisory services during all phases
  • Negotiations with state and municipal authorities on behalf of landowners
  • Litigation before appraisement courts in all types of appraisement cases.
  • Private appraisal processes