Brækhus is a medium-sized law firm, a family where everyone knows each other. Benefit from closer follow-up in a smaller environment. Work directly with partners and clients. You are given responsibility sooner and are involved in strategic development, management and operations. This sets us apart from the biggest law firms. With us, you avoid becoming a cog in the machine and are treated as an equal member of the family

People first – some say it, we mean it

For Brækhus, it has always been important to take care of the people in firm. At our firm, there is room for everyone. Brækhus is a workplace where everyone is seen and where everyone contributes to giving clients the optimal client experience. In 2024, we made a value-based decision to make all our employees co-owners of the firm. We believe involvement and ownership in the firm ensures belonging, motivation, commitment and job satisfaction.

All Brækhus employees are involved in deciding our shared future. As an employee, you have the right to attend and vote at the general meeting and will be paid dividends.

We are always looking for knowledgeable and committed lawyers, both recent graduates and more experienced candidates. Feel free to send us an unsolicited application.

At Brækhus, I am part of an inspiring team, which means that I am constantly developing as a lawyer, and enjoy my job a lot.

Ingerid Eidesvik Lie

Best in employee development

Unique development opportunities is our promise to you as an employee. We take that seriously. It’s an obligation. At Brækhus, we offer you faster development. You become involved, are given responsibilities, work directly with clients and receive associate cases sooner. With us, you are involved from the start. You are given responsibility, client contact and associate cases sooner.

Brækhus gives you the tools you need to develop. Everyone has an individual career plan and their own career adviser. Thereby, we assist you in your development to help you reach your full potential.

Brækhus Partner School is our development programme that follows our lawyers throughout their careers. Through different modules, you receive training in subjects, leadership and acquisition adapted to your level.

Developement opportunities across borders

As Norway’s preferred medium-sized international law firm, we offer our employees exciting opportunities for exchange and international experience through our global networks.

Senior Lawyer Hedda Marie Evensen attended Andersen’s Future Leaders Training Programme which was held in Barcelona 20–22 November 2023 . The programme brought together young and aspiring leaders from all over Europe for professional development and networking.

“I was very excited about the opportunity to participate in Andersen’s Future Leadership Training Program. It was a well-organised, educational and fun leadership development programme and an excellent platform for international networking!” – Hedda Marie Evensen.

A good social community

The social environment is highly valued at Brækhus. Our summer and Christmas parties are well established and pleasant traditions. We also arrange cottage trips, and every other year the whole firm goes on a trip together. In 2022 we visited Lofoten and in 2024 we will be visiting Svalbard.

Here, everyone is included. We talk to and not about, we bring each other up, not down. We take care of everyone and treat everyone with the same respect.

Our corporate sports team organises a variety of social activities such as a weekly running group, tennis, skiing, golf, football training and participation in the Holmenkollen Relay.

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