Assistance with succession planning, wealth protection, generational transfer, tax optimization, moving abroad

Family Office

The significant changes in the economic landscape present several new challenges. Wealth preservation, succession planning and generational transfer have become more complex, with challenges increasing in both number and magnitude. Brækhus Family Office plays a central role in finding the good solutions. As your family’s advisor, we tailor strategies and solutions to accommodate for changes in the market, aiming to secure your family’s financial future.

Brækhus Family Office is here for you and your family. With us, you receive customized solutions that safeguard and protect your wealth over time, even when transitioning wealth to the next generation.

For us, relationships mean everything. We build relationships based on trust, accessibility, and complete discretion. We are here to assist you as the owner of substantial assets.

Our lawyers are specialists in business transfers, generational transitions, economic family law, inheritance, and tax law, both nationally and internationally. Together with you, we develop long-term plans that accounts for your and your family’s interests. We ensure that agreements protect you and your family in an efficient, secure, and economically favorable manner. 

Valuation of companies and real estate is central to our work. We collaborate closely with specialists when necessary. If expert assistance is needed in managing assets, we collaborate with Norway’s and Europe’s leading wealth managers and financial institutions. Together with you and your family, we can identify needs and facilitate contact with one of our partners. Our partner ensures that the management of the assets transferred in a generational transition or estate settlement is well taken care of. 

Our ambition is always to find good solutions outside the courts. However, sometimes conflicts may arise. We have specialized litigation lawyers who can assist you in any potential conflict. Our lawyers regularly handle cases in all instances of the court within the areas covered by Brækhus Family Office. 

In today’s globalized world, family and inheritance law issues often involve the laws of other countries. Through our memberships in our reputable international legal networks Meritas Law Firms Worldwide, Andersen Global, and Crowe Global, we can assist you wherever in the world your needs may arise. 

We often find that cases require expertise in multiple legal areas, such as real estate, company law, or tax. Our lawyers’ interdisciplinary approach ensures that you always have access to the relevant expertise. 

Examples of what we can assist you with:

  • Wealth agreements between spouses and partners, both when living together and in the event of separation 
  • Succession planning and generational transfer (business transfers) 
  • Estate planning (wills, inheritance agreements) 
  • Power of attorney for future care
  • International matters related to family, inheritance, and tax law 
  • Tax-efficient solutions and structures 
  • Immigration from a family, inheritance, and tax law perspective 
  • Litigation and dispute resolution