Jacob Winderen Lindegaard is a specialist in business transfers, inheritance law, succession planning, estate settlements and financial family law. He also has extensive experience in advising high net worth individuals and families.

Jacob has broad litigation experience and represents clients in court cases in areas in his areas of expertise, particularly in connection with the valuation of companies and properties, as well as the distribution of inheritance among heirs in estate settlements. Jacob also assists in international succession and inheritance cases.

As an appointed trustee by the Oslo District Court, Jacob is responsible for public probate processes, including the follow up of estate distribution and disputes in connection with probate and wills, other issues involving inheritance law, and issues in adjacent legal areas.

Jacob is a member of the inheritance committee of Fundraising Norway where he acts as a legal expert for the campaign “Det gode testament” (The Good Will). He is also involved in “Arveforum”, an inheritance network for NGOs in Norway. Jacob was a regular contributor to the nationwide information campaign “Arven etter deg” (The Inheritance You Leave Behind) between 2017-2022.


Norwegian and English

2022 Associate Partner, Brækhus Advokatfirma
2009 - 2022 Senior Lawyer, Kvale
2005 - 2009 Lawyer, The Norwegian Tax Authority
2003 - 2005 Executive Officer, Namsmannen in Oslo
2002 Master of Laws, University of Oslo