Intellectual Property and Marketing law (Brækhus IP)

Intellectual property rights (IPR) as trademarks, patents, designs, copyright and trade secrets represent an increasingly bigger and more important part of most companies. The Norwegian Marketing Control Act provides companies with protection against copying and unfair exploitation of the company’s goodwill, at the same time as the Act sets requirements for the company’s own marketing, both in relation to competitors and consumers.

Competent advice and assistance regarding intellectual assets contribute to increasing the company’s assets, reducing risk and ensure a competitive advantage. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the field and a growing number of companies are recognising the value of discussing intellectual property rights and marketing law questions with us. We assist companies throughout the life cycle, from idea to registered right, and onward to commercialisation of the intellectual assets.

Brækhus has a wide range of clients with different forms of intellectual property rights and marketing law needs. We assist with the full range of IPR and areas of marketing law. We have extensive experience with establishment, securing and enforcement of trademarks, designs, patents, copyright and trade secrets, as well as continuous advice regarding all marketing law questions. We also have solid experience with the enforcement of intellectual assets in disputes and transactions.

Brækhus also offers separate portfolio services for trademark and design registrations (Brækhus IP) that provide you with confidence that your company’s commercial values are protected in an orderly and effective manner. Based on your company’s business goals, our experienced IP lawyers will work closely with you to ensure the protection of critical areas of your business. This ensures good IP strategy processes aligned with the company’s business strategy.

Among other things, we can assist you with:

  • Assessment, submission and follow-up (including renewal) of trademark and design applications in Norway and internationally, including via our extensive international network of lawyers in the field of IPR.
  • Regulation of intellectual property in connection with licensing, development work, transfers and other commercialisation, including in relation to employees.
  • Other and general advice and dispute resolution in the areas of marketing law, copyright, trademarks, company names, designs, domains, business ideas, concepts, know-how and trade secrets.
  • Advice in connection with the Norwegian Marketing Control Act, including questions concerning good marketing practice, product and concept imitations and assessment of campaigns/promotions.
  • Company audit (IP due diligence).


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