Media Law

The media’s role in society is developing continuously. More opportunities for publication and new digital platforms are creating problems and challenges for both new and established media enterprises. Our lawyers have both legal and journalistic expertise in the legal and ethical framework applying to the media.

Freedom of speech boundaries are constantly being pushed, and statements that may initially appear illegal may nevertheless be within what we must accept in a specific context. This is despite the fact that the information is not necessarily correct. Incorrect statements can have a rapid and extensive reach through digital platforms and involve an increased risk of loss of reputation. Brækhus has the expertise needed to evaluate what can be done in specific cases.

We live in a society that is starting to focus more and more on infringements of various natures. There often also tend to be major financial interests at stake, which can make the situation difficult for the various parties involved. It can therefore be critical to know how to navigate correctly within the applicable framework. Our lawyers keep themselves constantly up-to-date with developments. Our unique specialist background enables us to offer your business tailored advice and assistance within the field. We will also put together a team with expertise tailored to the needs of your business.

We provide advice on issues such as freedom of information and freedom of expression, privacy and data protection, including:
  • Redaction assistance when there is a requirement to remove redactional material or in compensation claims
  • Assistance in the event of alleged infringements of privacy, such as complaints to the Norwegian Press Complaints Commission (PFU)
  • Redactional evaluation and analysis of program concepts
  • Assistance with contracts to be signed with participants, employees or contract workers
  • Advice with statements to the authorities after possible breaches of the law through operations, accidents, breaches of guidelines or notification procedures, and assessments of responsibility and risk of loss of reputation
  • Assistance in the event of possible criminal matters or assessment of reports