Psychologist and leadership coach becomes a top executive at Brækhus

Brækhus is thinking in new ways as the company implements its People First strategy and hires psychologist, author, and leadership coach Rebekka Egeland as Chief People & Culture Officer. 

Brækhus aims to be industry-leading at Learning & Development. Rebekka will play a key role in this effort. She will lead the establishment of Brækhus’s partner school, oversee the development of customised career plans for all employees, facilitate early involvement, and head our international exchange program. She will guide and coach all employees and partners. Together with the executive team and Managing Partner Atle H. Carlsen, Rebekka will play a key role as we offer our employees the best L&D opportunities in the industry. 

– Rebekka is the perfect match for us. Her broad competence and experience as a leadership coach and clinical psychologist make her well-positioned to enhance our employees’ development. Everyone at Brækhus has great potential. We as a company want to utilize all of this potential, and Rebekka will help us with that, says Atle H. Carlsen. 

The company’s People First strategy involves a long-term investment in employees. Brækhus aims to be a workplace fostering work engagement and job satisfaction. 

– People First is a set of values that we carry with us in everything we do. Our commitment to put our people first is strengthened by welcoming Rebekka, who makes our team even stronger. The People First approach was central when we introduced ownership to all employees earlier this year, says Atle H. Carlsen. 

A seat at the decision-making table 

In addition to being a strong professional capacity, Rebekka has written three books on psychology and self-leadership. A lawyer’s ability to establish good relationships is essential. With Rebekka on our team, we have the best foundation for training our employees. Her role will not be that of a traditional HR leader; Rebekka will be responsible for the strategic HR work, and she will have a seat at the decision-making table. 

Psychologist and leadership coach Rebekka Egeland 

– I look forward to becoming a part of Brækhus. There is no doubt that the legal industry needs to change. I have previously been part of transforming established industries, including my previous position as Chief Strategy Officer at Dr.Dropin. From the outside, the legal industry is quite generic. The potential for change is great, and it will be an exciting challenge to build the law firm of the future here at Brækhus, says Rebekka Egeland. 

New executive team in place 

Over the last six months, Brækhus has built a young and dynamic executive team to lead the company’s transformation. Differentiation and innovation are important components for Brækhus, which has set a goal to create the law firm of tomorrow. In addition to Rebekka as Chief People & Culture Officer, Oda Watz has been hired as the leader of digitalization and technology (CDO), and Espen Bryn Johannessen as the finance leader (CFO).