At Brækhus, we are passionate about mobility, cars and motor vehicles. Competent individuals with a passion for the sector and industry generate efficient processes and good results, through cooperation and focus on innovation.

Brækhus has extensive experience in assisting the automotive industry, associated sectors and supply chains. When the industry experiences innovation and competition from other sectors – it is important to have an advisor with extensive experience as an innovation partner. Let us first address our areas of expertise. We know the mobility and automotive industry very well throughout the supply chain, from data to fleet management:

When cars become IT

We are fond of cars but we are experts on technology and digitalisation. When car manufacturers go from manufacturing to delivery of physical products, to also becoming suppliers of mobility services, data streams and applications, we can assist with the practical combination of IT and cars. Some examples:

  • Secure handling of customers’ personal data
  • Optimisation of fleet management with the use of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Commercialisation and use of data streams from cars

We know innovation

On the path to the future, it is expedient to have someone by your side with extensive experience as an advisor and innovation partner in a number of sectors. Insight into best practices, good solutions and implementation thereof within the organisation is invaluable. We have experience as an advisor and innovation partner, including within:

Our advice generates added value for the automotive industry

Focus on sustainable production and solutions, in conjunction with increased raw material and energy prices, has changed patterns of use and demand in the market. The relevant regulatory framework is rapidly changing, most recently in the form of the Norwegian Transparency Act.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable about industry-specific legislation and follow developments closely. Group exemptions for the automotive sector, electric car benefits and new regulations applicable to vehicles coming into force 1 October 2022.

Together, we can optimise the added value in data streams and proprietary rights to data sets containing personal data. This way, we can safeguard digital assets and generate the best digital customer journey.