Responsible business

By virtue of our profession and position, we are responsible for running our business in an accountable and sustainable manner. We take an active approach to corporate social responsibility and facilitate sustainable operations in our business.

We are Eco-Lighthouse certified

As part of our CSR strategy, Brækhus is Eco-Lighthouse certified. Eco-Lighthouse certification scheme is Norway’s most recognised certificate for environmental efforts.

All Eco-Lighthouse certified businesses are recertified every three years. The certificate is recognised in public procurement practices and is the first national scheme in Europe to be recognised by the EU.

We are partners with Fundraising Norway

Brækhus is a partner of Fundraising Norway, which strengthens the work of non-profit and voluntary organizations.

Fundraising Norway is a professional organization that assists Norwegian organizations and institutions engaged in fundraising. They serve as a voice for these organizations with authorities and suppliers, working to increase expertise, promote sustainable revenue-generating activities, and encourage ethical fundraising practices.

Brækhus contributes expertise and time to Fundraising Norway in the area of inheritance and testamentary gifts.

Focus on inclusion and diversity

We believe our workforce should represent the diversity in society, and we work actively to prevent discrimination. Our corporate culture and work environment must stimulate diversity, in which women and men have equal opportunities.

A great work environment

We are committed to creating a dynamic and safe working environment. We take an active approach to health, environmental and safety aspects, and the well-being of our employees.

Our main goals are a low absenteeism rate, a social and inclusive culture and a good work-life balance. In 2021, we entered into a collaboration with former Norwegian professional cyclist Mads Kaggestad and Avantas Aktiv, encouraging our employees to be more active.

Involvement in legal education

We consider our involvement in the legal education to be an important CSR contribution. We organise student-oriented activities, have an ongoing internship scheme and encourage our employees to get involved as lecturers, supervisors, and examiners at universities.