Knowledge is the cornerstone of our livelihood and our highly proficient lawyers are the firm’s most important assets. For us, recruiting is about finding candidates who stand out, are technically competent, will fit into the culture of our firm and whom we can develop into becoming leaders in their fields.

In Brækhus, you will encounter an organisational culture distinguished by job satisfaction and teamwork, with an uncompromising requirement for cutting-edge professional expertise. We work constantly and single-mindedly to advance our clients’ interests. Job satisfaction and teamwork are an important part of what we call the Brækhus spirit and we want our enthusiasm to spread to those whom we meet at our clients, business partners and suppliers.

Knowledge has a shorter shelf life now than ever, so we invest heavily in developing our employees. Brækhus Training teaches new associates basic business law and commercial understanding. Then the focus gradually changes to specialisation and portfolio development. We are proud of our achievements in developing talent and have on several occasions been among the nominees for the Norwegian Bar Association’s talent prize.


TRAINEE Our trainee scheme gives a good insight into the everyday work of a commercial lawyer in Brækhus as…