Brækhus has contributed to In-Depth: Gambling Law

Brede A. Haglund and Alexander Mollan have recently contributed to the Norwegian chapter on gambling in this year’s edition of the prestigious publication “In-Depth: Gambling Law”. The article is published in Lexology by Law Business Research.

In-Depth: Gambling Law is a Q&A-based worldwide reference guide designed for practitioners who want to find a way quickly to digest and understand the framework of gambling legislation in key jurisdictions. The guide is used as an information resource by in-house lawyers, private practitioners and heads of companies and governmental institutions, and provides an overview of current legislation and important issues within a given jurisdiction.

Brækhus is one of the few law firms in Norway with a dedicated group of experts in gaming and entertainment activities. Our lawyers have experience related to the establishment of international service offerings, sales processes, national and EU/EEA legal issues, financial requirements, marketing law, and general legal and commercial relationships in Norway. We have also developed applications concerning the establishment of game deals in Norway, including poker and gaming machines.