VAT and Tax Services

Brækhus VAT and Tax Services is an authorized Norwegian accounting firm assisting foreign businesses in Norway.

Doing business in Norway triggers several statutory obligations, such as reporting of VAT, payroll, contracts, tax returns, financial statements, etc., including associated documentation requirements. Even though we are part of the European Economic Area (EEA),  the rules in Norway are different from the rules of the EU and other regions. Our team combines international and Norwegian advisory expertise with extensive know-how to deliver services ensuring compliancy in these areas. That is why Brækhus VAT and Tax Services acts as a fiscal representative for more than 300 foreign clients in Norway.

We work in close cooperation with the law firm Brækhus and together we can as a one stop shop and serve international companies in all legal areas.

Our services include:

  • VAT registrations and VAT representation
  • Payroll services
  • Company set up and registrations
  • Annual accounts and tax reporting


VAT Representation Services

Brækhus` VAT team combines international and Norwegian advisory expertise with full compliance know-how to deliver VAT services meeting your needs. That is why Brækhus acts as a VAT representative for more than 300 foreign clients in Norway.

VAT rules in Norway are very different from the rules of the EU and other regions. The supply of goods, and the provision of a number of services such as construction-, installation-, repair- and leasing services all require a VAT registration and VAT reporting in Norway. We know the ins and outs of filing returns and we use the latest software to automate the process. Our distinct feature is that we look beyond the numbers. We also have in our team members with longer and broader international VAT experience than any other firm in Norway i.a. enabling us to communicate with our foreign clients in a “VAT language” they understand.

Our VAT compliance services ensures correct VAT coding, accounting, reporting and compliance with current and upcoming new requirements such as SAF-T.

At Brækhus we deliver the following VAT Services:

  • All types of VAT registrations including VOES registrations for the supply of electronic services
  • VAT representation including handling of administrative obligations
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns
  • Applications for VAT refund
  • Applications for customs credit
  • VAT transactions-, VAT codes- and invoices reviews
  • Correction of past erroneous VAT returns and invoices
  • Pre VAT audit reviews, manuals and training
  • Audit support, appeals and litigation
  • VAT planning and binding rulings
  • Interim VAT management resources

For enquiries and fee estimates contact: Nils Eriksen


Payroll in Norway

All income earned in Norway must be reported to the tax authorities. It is statutory to do this electronically in the Altinn Portal. Tax treaties and Totalization Agreements may reduce or eliminate the payable tax for the employee, but the obligation to report and to withhold taxes applies regardless of tax liability.

The Norwegian rules regarding statutory reporting of income is complex and mostly in Norwegian. In Brækhus we are familiar with international employees and we can assist the employer so that the reporting is done correctly and ensure that all legal requirements are met. By choosing Brækhus as your payroll provider, you are ensured full compliance and valuable advice.

Our payroll service will normally include:

  • Calculation of monthly payroll including salary and allowances, payment or payment advice.
  • File electronically to Tax Authority the “A-meldingen” reports (statutory monthly income and tax declaration, regardless of tax liability)
  • Prepare pay slips to the employees
  • Calculate and report National insurance contributions as well as administration and payment. Alternatively assistance with filing an application for exemption if applicable
  • Holiday pay deduction and annual holiday payment.
  • Mandatory pension deduction, administration and payments (not applicable for those being in the social security in home country according to Totalization Agreement)
  • Administration and payment of statutory sick pay and parental pay, for employees covered by Norwegian National Insurance
  • Administration of insurances (including statutory workers’ compensation) for those required
  • The deposit of tax deductions into the dedicated mandatory tax deduction bank account, for those with tax liability in Norway


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