Property management, housing law and rentals

Our real estate lawyers have extensive experience with providing support to real estate managers, housing companies and the owners of residential and commercial properties.

For many years, our lawyers have worked side-by-side with some of Norway’s biggest real estate managers in the private sector. We have extensive industry experience, in-depth knowledge of the daily work undertaken by real estate managers, and we are able to assist quickly and efficiently by providing advice across all relevant areas of law.

We are also able to assist in the rental of residential and commercial premises, and we have excellent expertise in negotiations relating to establishing new leases, and amending existing ones, as well as terminating lease agreements.

In order to accommodate housing companies’ need for information, Brækhus has a dedicated website available for this type of customer. We use this as a hub for bringing together new court judgements and recently published articles that are relevant to real estate managers and housing companies – visit to find out more.

We assist with:

  • Establishing and registering all types of co-ownership, housing cooperatives and construction properties
  • Sectioning, re-sectioning and issuing shares in housing cooperatives and residential limited companies
  • The sale and development of plots and sites suitable for development
  • Disputes brought before the courts or to arbitration
  • Advice and proceedings in relation to planning and construction cases
  • Enforcement action
  • Sales of common areas
  • HSE/internal audits of housing companies
  • Breaches of contract
  • Ongoing training for board members
  • Insurance cases
  • Board appointments in housing companies
  • Real estate management
  • Contract negotiations
  • Expropriation and appraisal
  • Neighbour disputes and disputes between section owners/unitholders/shareholders


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