Dispute Resolution

Ever since the firm was founded, Brækhus has been renowned for its litigation and dispute resolution practice. We have litigated most categories of civil law cases, with very good results in court. Brækhus has developed a system for assessing litigation risk, and we emphasize thorough planning of the negotiations prior to court, as well as the importance of developing specific strategies for dispute resolution in individual cases.

We handle several hundred disputes annually. Disputes are demanding for clients, and we strive to ensure that the client’s business is affected to the least extent possible. It is important to retain full control over the process at all stages. We therefore initially seek to resolve disputes by obtaining the desired result through negotiation or mediation. However, some cases must go court, sometimes all the way to the Supreme Court of Norway and we have sufficient experienced litigators to ensure that the client’s case is expertly handled at all stages and at all times.

Brækhus has extensive experience with large litigation cases that requires specific organization and case management, expertise, and cooperation. Project management is crucial. Lawyers with the correct competence used at key points in the process, can make a big difference. From Brækhus’ 60 lawyers we are able to rapidly assemble a team that covers all the necessary expertise. We place great emphasis on the interaction with the client and the client’s organization, and this is often crucial for the result.

We assist with:

  • Civil litigation
  • Discretionary power
  • Negotiations
  • Arbitration
  • Economic crime


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