Inheritance Law

Brækhus is one of the few larger law firms that has inheritance law as one of its focus areas. Inheritance law is nuanced and presents challenges based on complex family structures and large fortunes in Norway and abroad.  The need for inheritance planning with individually customized solutions instead of the Inheritance Act statutes is increasing. Inheritance settlements often involve large sums.

We have developed a high level of expertise in this area and our lawyers have extensive experience in targeted inheritance planning and the resolution of the inheritance settlement. We assist as both advisor for the individual testator or heir (or heirs), and as managers of private inheritances. We encourage interdisciplinary Cooperation between our lawyers, especially in regards to tax law and corporate law.

Even though the goal is to resolve the inheritance settlement without the court’s help, conflict is not always avoidable. We have significant litigation experience in all the courts, and regularly conduct cases before courts that have jurisdiction over inheritance law.

We assist with:

  • Inheritance planning
  • Generational change
  • Creation of the will/inheritance pact
  • Creation of continuing power of attorney
  • Advisory services concerning inheritance settlement
  • Implementation of wills (executor)
  • Implementation of inheritance settlement (trustee)


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